Vibration Therapy

In 1857 the first Vibration Machine was invented by a Swedish doctor named Gustav Zander founder of the Zander Institutes or the beginning of what we now call Health Clubs. In 1995 the Russia Space Program made breakthrough history in accomplishing a record breaking number of days an astronauts were able to stay in space. Russian Cosmonaut, Valery Polakov set the world record for being in space for 438 days thanks to Vibration Technology (FBV) this while American Astronauts were limited to 120 days in space. It was discovered the astronauts muscles suffered greatly from the weightlessness of space and found the cosmonauts returned with muscle atrophy. The use of FBV was found to help stop the bone density loss but it increased and strengthened muscle tissue. This breakthrough is now found sweeping America in our homes and health clubs to help in many new found uses for FBV. NASA continued to perfect the Vibration machine and several different health benefits were discovered that help meet the health needs of many health related issues.

A class on Vibration Therapy machines.

Since the NASA revelation in 2001 of the use of Vibration therapy for muscle atrophy and bone density rehabilitation is has swept into use for treatment of Obesity, Elderly Mobility, Post-Menopausal bone, and joint issues and athletes have found it to help in the repair and improvement of sport-related injuries. Over 40 years of research has been conducted by governments and scientist and FBV has made a place in Whole Body Vibration Therapy. What has been discovered is Vibration Therapy has greatly helped with ailments such as;

* Poor Circulation * Joint Pain
* Muscle Soreness * Muscle Toning
* Balance and Coordination * Sculpting Muscles
* Lymphatic Drainage * Increase Flexibility
* Pain Reduction * Improved Gait
* Reduce Back Pain * Mood Enhancement
* Boost Libido * Increase Stamina
* Low impact for elderly and post-menopausal women

How do they work? During normal exercise, our muscles contract 1-2 times a second. With FBV the vibration therapy causes your muscles to contract upwards of 50 times per second utilizing 90% of your body’s muscles at once! Of course as with any fitness regiment eating a healthy diet and controlling calories and eating healthy choices are still a must! Many types of Vibration Therapy machines exist and several choices that benefit certain issues in more depth depend on the many choices in machines in today’s advanced world. When looking to begin your program be sure and discuss your concerns and target goals to pick the right machine for you. Evolution Health Spa LLC has created a selection to help meet the needs of its clients and will help you choose the right one for you!

What makes it most appealing to the public is the amount of time is needed to show benefits of the therapy. Just a few 10-15 minute sessions weekly subjects can benefit from the program. Making it easy to fit into anyone schedule. Be sure and follow it by a relaxing trip to the Euphoria room!