Body Scrubs and Butters

body scrubs and butters
Our body scrubs and butters, complementary inside our euphoria room.

You have just rejuvenated the mind and relaxed the muscles in the sauna, worked out and revitalized your muscles and joints on the vibration machines now finish up with rejuvenating your skin! Evolution Health Spa offers complimentary body scrubs and butters. If you’re looking for a more targeted product there are specialty scrubs and butters available at the front desk at a small charge, these specialty items come with warm body towels as well.
Body Scrubs aside from the amazing benefit of the tingly sensation and refreshed feeling of the scrub itself body scrubs and butters offer so many healthy skin benefits using essential oils and hydrosol waters that really give your skin that beautiful glow.
Body Scrubs gently remove dead skin, eliminate dirt oil and toxins on the skin, unclogs pores and expose the healthy underlying glowing skin. There are many benefits of Body Scrubs but here are a few we feel everyone should focus on regularly;


This is the most obvious of the benefits of body scrubs, as the gentle scrub exfoliates dead skin and removes dirt, oil and toxins our bodies are subjected to in today’s array of products and hazards we face each day.

Increase Circulation:

The gentle rubbing of the scrub sends tiny impulses and signals to your body reviving and increasing blood flow and fluids in the body.

Glowing Skin:

The oils and salt/sugar that your scrub is made with will be selected for you on what your lifestyle and body has been exposed to. Evolution Health Spa LLC uses only natural products and in depth research has been conducted creating many specific scrubs to benefit everyone’s needs. Whether you are in need of deep moisturizing benefits, skin tightening affect, pore cleansing even stress relief there are many to choose from. Speak to your assistant to see which one would benefit what you’re looking for- that could change from day to day.

Improved Cellulite and Crinkly Skin:

Scrubs are designed to pull toxins and eliminate dead skin this leaves your body refreshed and looking moisturized. Specific scrubs are designed using essential oils and natural products that help eliminate extra fluids just beneath the skin surface and eucalyptus, peppermint, frankincense and other oils are used in combination to tighten pores and give the skin a glowing refreshed rejuvenated appearance. Ask about these specialty scrubs available at additional charge.


In today’s fast world this is your opportunity to relax……………take time and relax for a 15-30-minute session breathing in scents and feeling the tingling of your butter relaxing you. You will then make your way to the steam shower to allow the butter to work even further into your skin as the steam gently opens those pores and allows the oils to benefit even more. We highly recommend a cold splash shower when complete to finalize that last refreshing sensation. If the cold is too much a warm rinse is ok as well.

** Keep in mind this is not a massage, the product is applied to the skin yourself. We are able to offer our body scrubs and butters complimentary as a DIY concept. We don’t feel the extra high cost of having someone apply it to your body affects the outcome only your wallet.

** Complimentary scrubs and butters offered on special of the week. You may upgrade to specialty scrubs or butter to meet your needs at a low cost that comes with warm towels to enhance the experience.