Sauna Therapy To Maintain A Healthy Body The Relaxing Way

Relaxing Sauna environment
A relaxing environment combined with sauna therapy has more health benefits than you may think.

Research has shown an association between healthy bodies and regular sauna use. A 2015 study covering more than 2,300 individuals in Finland found the more frequently someone took a sauna, the lower his risk of fatal heart disease and early death. The same group of researchers has also reported an association between regular sauna use and a lower risk of high blood pressure, and between moderate to heavy use of saunas and a lower risk of dementia, among other benefits.

Saunas seem to improve the function of blood vessels. Christopher Minson, a professor of human physiology at the University of Oregon, studies the effects of heat on the human body. He says that like exercise, heat is a global stressor, with likely a host of beneficial mechanisms throughout the body. He’s researching heat therapy for people who are unable to get the full benefits of exercise, such as people with spinal cord injuries. Sauna therapy is a great alternative for those who prefer to gain best possible healthy sweat without the effort of exercise. This doesn’t mean you should skip working out if you’re physically able to do it, butt adding regular Sauna therapy will greatly increase your cardiovascular health.

Evolution Health Spa believes time in the sauna is time well spent and urges the incorporation of consistent visits. Evolution Health Spa offers a greatly discounted monthly membership to stand by their passion for Sauna Therapy and your health. Sauna therapy on regular routine drastically reduces blood pressure and possible relief from musculoskeletal pain and headaches and overall detoxifying the body to encompass an overall feeling of well being.

Of course, there are cautions. People who faint or who have low blood pressure might want to be careful, or at least drink a lot of water before and after a sauna session. Evolution Health Spa takes that up a notch for you by offering complimentary infused specialty waters for you to rehydrate your body during your visit! If you have unstable heart disease, you should be cautious and consult a doctor first. Prior to any sauna use it is required you make sure your doctor approves the use for your specific body health.

Some doctors will suggest for individuals to use the latest in saunas, the Infrared Sauna. While traditional saunas heat up the surrounding air to about 185 degrees, which in turn heats you, infrared saunas (also called far-infrared saunas) only reach about 140 degrees. The infrared rays penetrate more deeply into the body, which means you start sweating at a lower temperature than in a traditional sauna.That produces a lighter demand on the cardiovascular system. Evolution Health Spa offers several types of Sauna including Infrared, traditional and steam to accommodate everyone and their health needs. Infrared Saunas are also good for people who like the idea of a sauna, but find the high heat unpleasant.

Infrared Sauna in Day Spa
One of three Infrared Saunas inside our Euphoria Room at Evolution Health Spa