Sauna Therapy Helps Smokers Successfully Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking
Sauna Therapy can be a tremendous help with quitting smoking!

We all know the risk of smoking but it is one of the hardest habits to break. The toxins that affect your body thru smoking and being around the smoke drastically affect many aspects of your body. It isn’t just your lungs and cardiovascular system affected, it is your hair and skin as well. Combining detox therapy with sauna use helps smokers be successful at accelerating the toxin removal from all aspects of the body. Allowing smokers to feel and look better quicker to help kick that smoking habit. You should start your sauna therapy sessions as soon as possible after that last cigarette.

“Try to start your sauna therapy treatments as close to quitting smoking as possible. The sooner you can rid your body of toxins, the faster your body will be able to heal and overcome the habit of smoking.”

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The key to quitting smoking is detoxification.

According to the American Cancer Society, the detox and recovery process after quitting smoking starts after you finish your last cigarette. However, if you have ever tried to quit the habit you know that your body has residual toxins that keep that urge and craving going strong for weeks and even months to come. Taking a healthy step in progressing the toxin removal from your body in Sauna Therapy launch you into a much faster recovery process starting with your first Sauna Therapy session.

“Studies show that saunas remove SULFURIC ACID, SOLVENTS, CHEMICALS, PCBs, PHARMACEUTICALS and HEAVY METAL TOXINS. We can’t tell you how HUGE this is to smokers who want to feel GOOD when they quit, not horrible.”

David Rice from in: “News flash for smokers: Saunas help you QUIT – proven by latest research!”

Studies have shown that after three consecutive Sauna Therapy sessions smokers feel a significant difference in their health. Sauna Therapy doesn’t just sweat the toxins from your skin, it improves your cardiovascular by increasing blood circulation opening up air passages and boosting your lymphatic drainage. Using the routine session Evolution Health Spa suggest helps you target all aspects of the detoxification to help you jump start your success to quit smoking. Come in to Evolution Health Spa today and ask about our packages to help in your kicking the habit today.
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