Sauna therapy For Beautiful Skin and Hair

Sauna use isn’t just for relaxation and in other blogs we emphasize the many crucial health benefits a regular sauna therapy routine provides the body. Today we want to address the beauty aspect that Sauna use provides.

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Sauna Therapy helps maintain beautiful skin.

Sauna therapy often involves high humidity levels, ensuring that the skin stays hydrated and supple. The moisture that gathers on the top layer of the skin prevents the body from losing heat through evaporation during a sauna session. This accelerates detoxification that keeps your skin purified, healthy and glowing. Evolution Health Spa takes your sessions up a notch by offering complimentary body scrubs and butters to bring out even healthier skin! Luscious scrubs that eliminate dead skin and oils followed by creamy natural body butters to soften and add protection to the skin you can’t help but become addicted to sauna therapy with the results you will see and feel.

Adam Hurly from GQ says it well:

“To best understand the benefits of sauna, you’ve gotta appreciate the restorative properties of sweating. Look at it from a fitness perspective: As you exercise, you boost your heart rate, blood flow, and circulation. At the same time, your pores get bigger. And the sweat flushes out the toxins that were hiding in those same pores. Fewer toxins mean fewer clogged pores, which mean smoother skin.”

Adam Hurly in “How to Sauna Your Way to Clear Skin

Sauna Therapy brings a shine to hair that cannot be matched with any products. The healthy moisture and follicle detoxification keeps hair growing healthy and strong eliminating residual products from daily stresses we do to our hair. Your hair holds a healthy moisture and following a session you can see and feel the difference sauna therapy offers.

Evolution Health Spa in addition to the complimentary body scrub and butters offered with your individual day pass also offers specialty upgrade products that target specific needs at an affordable price. Whether you are looking to lessen the appearance of cellulite with a natural coffee based scrub or your skin is needing extra hydration that sea minerals and DMAE can offer. You will leave with healthier, glowing skin and hair!