Sauna Therapy benefits for Police Officers

Sauna therapy treatment is recommended for our First Responders to avoid long term effects of their jobs. Evolution Health Spa offers a full range of services to help keep them healthy and toxin free as well as give them some rejuvenation and relaxation time.

First Responders are at high risk of health issues due to the contact during capture and transporting of suspects as law enforcement, entering smoke or contaminated homes as fire fighters, treating individuals with chemical abuse as paramedics and many other situations. The toxic materials can pollute clothing and vehicles without any immediate realization or symptoms. It is important for First Responders involved in any dealings with drug substances or suspects to regularly detox their bodies to prevent long term health consequences.

The two main components that proved most helpful in alleviating the group’s chronic symptoms: nutritional and sauna therapy. The report also showed sauna use to have positive detoxifying effects against other complex chemical exposures.

Police officer’s interactions with chemical mixtures may produce a broad spectrum of health issues including, but not limited to; reduced respiratory functions with chronic respiratory illness, headaches, coughing with lung damage, eye irritation, heartburn and esophageal re-flux, skin rashes and even central nervous system health risks. Detoxification on a regular basis removes unwanted and unseen toxins from the body and promotes lymphatic drainage to aid in the prevention of health symptoms they are at great risk of contracting.

Toxins are stored in subcutaneous fat; when we sweat these are released from the surface fat layers through perspiration.  Unfortunately, toxins that are stored at deeper levels of tissue move upward to the surface fat layer once that surface has been detoxed. When the toxins move up into this layer of fat it is important regular detoxing is done to eliminate all the deep embedded toxins in our fat tissues. In addition, circulation increases when you are in the sauna and increased blood flow improves blood oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. When your oxygen levels rise, it combats and helps dissolve toxins in the blood system. A regular routine at Evolution Health Spa will help First Responders eliminate the deep toxins in their bodies and aid in continuing to keep toxins and health risks at bay with regular visits.

In a new study designed by Utah MethCops Project of the American Detoxification Foundation in Salt Lake City, Utah, police officers sickened from this toxic chemical exposure were treated with a sauna detoxification protocol. The protocol involved using gradual exercise, nutritional advice and physical sauna therapy.

Evolution Health Spa offers unlimited monthly memberships for its customers serious about their Sauna therapy routine. However, we are proud to show how much we value our First Responders who are continuously exposed to hazardous environments by offering them a discounted monthly membership with unlimited visits to keep them healthy.