Plan Your Spa Day!

To provide the most tranquil and rejuvenating experience, we do require appointments to be made. They must be made no later than an hour in advanced. Just use our booking system below, or give us a call!

Group and event packages are also available for booking via phone!

What to bring:

-A swimsuit,
-lock for your locker
-Your ID.
-Optional: gym clothes for the Vibration Therapy room.

What we provide with your day pass:

-We provide you with a robe and non-slip shoes to use during your visit.
-Infused Waters to drink.
-Body scrub & butter for use inside the steam sauna!

Spa Rules

  1. No disturbing the tranquil atmosphere. 
  2. All cell phones must be on silent.
  3. No nudity
  4. No photography.
  5. Body Scrubs & Butters are for use only inside the steam sauna/shower.

Same day appointments available!