Inspire Intimacy at Evolution Health Spa

Evolution Health Spa in Maryland Heights has quickly become the couples retreat for reconnecting and enjoying some quality time. Nothing is more relaxing than spending a few hours rejuvenating your mind and body. The bonding experience couples have when they are able to leave behind the stress’s life puts on them in our fast-paced world is Euphoric.

Valentines day

Sauna therapy holds a multitude of body and mind benefits. When a couple spends self-care time detoxing and relaxing the muscles and mind during a spa day the blood circulation increases through the body, the brain releases dopamine and oxytocin hormones which are associated with the feeling of love and connection. Couples feel a sense of reconnect that is missed in our day to day lifestyles. The intimacy of the tranquil environment surrounding the experience puts your mood in one of intimacy and bonding.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a dimly lit, pleasant aroma filled room with peaceful music playing quietly. You are together, alone, no phones, no kids, finally enjoying quality time with no pressures from the outside world. Enjoy the saunas starting with the Infrared Sauna to begin your detox process with the body heating from the inside out. The blood circulation will boost those dopamine levels and aid in oxygenating the blood. Relaxing the muscles. Sweating moves the toxins that bog us down out of our body. Spend some time in the Steam Room with luxurious body scrubs and butters, go ahead help each other increasing that bond with touch. Sit back and take in the peppermint infused cloths and relax and let the steam hydrate and detox your bodies.

Now your ready to kick back and relax in a comfortable lounge chair and sip on infused waters to tantalize your taste buds. Now that your both detoxed and relaxed enjoy the space and quality time. No rush, your spa pass is unlimited. Feel like doing it all again, go ahead this is your day and you deserve it!

Read what our couples have to say on our twitter page, we could not describe it better ourselves!