Fibromyalgia and Whole Body Vibration

Only those who have fibromyalgia can truly understand the constant pain and suffering stressed on the body. You feel to bad to get up and move, however that is exactly what your body is needing, just not like most people do. Whole Body Vibration has been found to be a key treatment in Fibromyalgia in that is a non-impact conditioning routine that helps with joint stability, muscle activity without impact, inflammation recovery, muscle strengthening and more in anon-evasive short routine. Be sure and read the research study from “The Cochrane Collaboration” at Whole_body_vibration_exercise_for_fibromyalgia.

Exercise doesn’t come easily for many people and when your in pain the last place you want to be is at the gym. Whole-body vibration exercises require relatively no voluntary movement to complete a regular routine. Whole body vibration was developed for the recovery of our astronauts (read more at vibration-therapy) involves simply standing on vibrating plates in different poses while the machine does the work. A regular cardio routine uses major muscle groups randomly while whole body vibration uses 90% of your muscles at an escalated response rate.

“Vibration exercises subdue the pain receptors residing within muscles and strengthen the nerves within one’s body. This leads to physical endurance and strength that can alleviate the pain that comes with many of fibromyalgia’s symptoms.”

How is it helping? Muscle contractions are the key to unlocking fibromyalgia symptom relief. One of the common symptoms of fibromyalgia is muscle pain, whether it is located in the back, arms, legs, or neck. Like the name suggests, these exercises involve the whole-body so they have the capability of reducing pain in all areas of the body.

During just a 10 minute routine, your muscles are worked for toning, reduction of inflammation at the joints, lymphatic system clears out creatine and other pain causing toxins in your body and blood flow is pumped up to the extremities of the body. It is truly the workout routine that benefits Fibromyalgia patients.

“After 12 weeks of tilting body vibrations, nearly 60% of patients improved in their overall stability while nearly two thirds (66.6%) improved on their anterior-posterior body stability. This vibration therapy tends to improve balance among fibromyalgia patients.”

Evolution Health Spa includes our whole body vibration room in its Spa Pass. However, if you want to get into a consistent routine we offer a monthly membership at less the cost of two passes at $79.95 a month. Not only can you get regular exercise to target your fibromyalgia symptoms you can hit the saunas and destress and rejuvenate the mind and skin afterwards! Did we mention Sauna Therapy is also recommended for Fibromyalgia?


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