Dry Sauna or Steam Room? Both!

The sauna has been used for overall health for centuries. The “Dry” Infrared Sauna is usually 150-175 degrees. It is easier for one to tolerate due to the lower humidity level. The Steam Room “wet sauna” is very humid but lower temperature of 104-150 but the humidity levels runs people out much faster.
Either Sauna or Steam Room is most beneficial when used in 5-15 minute sessions followed by a cold splash shower (if you dare).

The differences in the two come on the effects inside the body. The“dry” Sauna puts your body to work by getting that sweat on. Our bodies cool itself by sweating so you will feel you can sit longer in the dry heat as opposed to the steam sauna. On the flipside, the heavy humidity in the Steam Room brings your core body temperature up at higher pace. This creates a boost in circulation of the blood,metabolism and respiratory output. With that in mind, the “Dry”Sauna helps to eliminate fluids and toxins stored in the body at a faster rate than the Steam Sauna due to the body creating its own sweat removal. While the Steam Sauna humidity limits the sweat efforts heating the body from deep within boosting that circulation and blood flow at a more accelerated rate.

To reach optimal benefits of Sauna Therapy the goal would be to spend time 2-3 times a week to reach the full benefit. Therefore, Evolution Health Spa stands out from your traditional spa not only on cost but availability. It is your New Era in your Health and Beauty Routine. We offer an unlimited monthly membership for those who are serious about their health and skin care.

So, whether you’re looking for a relaxing detoxifying Sauna session or a kick start to your body circulation and metabolism with a Steam Sauna Evolution Health Spa has what you need at a price you can afford.