Detox your body with Vibration Therapy

Our lymphatic systems are in overload in our world of pollutants, chemicals, preservatives we put in our body. What we eat, the air we breathe, medications we take all leave thousands of toxins in our bodies that our lymphatic system must filter out of our bodies. Vibration Therapy works in getting the toxins in your body moving through your lymphatic system to help rid this build up and heavy load for our bodies.

Vibration technology causes your muscles to contract nearly 90 times a second,on average a normal workout your muscle contracts 2 times per second. In addition, the vibration machine works nearly every muscle in your body at once without stress on your body. This is why it is great for anyone from the obese to the elderly, healthy and health challenged. The vibration gently massages the lymphatic system as well as gets the blood flowing throughout the body aiding in detoxing your body of toxins.

How to benefit the most in detoxing your body at Evolution Health Spa. If your new to anything first of all you should always clear it with your doctor for any form of exercise. Then begin with short sessions 3-4 times a week working your way up to 30 minutes 3 days a week for optimal outcome. Keep in mind in the beginning if you have not detoxed your body you may feel sluggish while your system flushes away toxins from your body and regains its full function. Drink plenty of water! Evolution Health Spa has detox aiding waters available at no charge to make sure your getting adequate fluid intake. You should drink before, during and after! Whether you choose a standard vibration routine or take on the challenging trainer program utilizing muscle strength exercises a frequent and consistent routine is beneficial for overall health and benefits.

Lastly, leave yourself time for the sauna therapy room. A body scrub and sauna routine eliminates those toxins even more by getting the epidermis detoxed and circulation flowing!