Calling all Performers… Voice Steaming?

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.  I love music, particularly live music.  Therefore, I know many local vocalist and bands.  I see them struggle with colds, hoarse voices from smoke filled rooms or just plain vocally stressed out.  In comes to play- Voice Steaming. Voice steaming is the process to breath in moist air to hydrate and eliminate inflammation of the vocal cords.  In addition, it decongests the chest and sinus cavities of any mucus and detoxes the body.

performer singing
Performer singing on stage.

Keeping the vocal chords moist through good hydration is very important from the inside out. Duke University at offers some great advice for people who rely on their voices for their livelihood that goes into great detail on voice steaming and keeping your vocal folds healthy. Sitting in a steam shower 20 minutes a few times a week or before or after performances slowly breathing the moist air helps keep the vocal folds hydrated.  While the hydration is being gained mucus is being lost.

Another nightmare to vocalist is congestion. Whether it be sinus congestion from swollen membranes or chest congestion from mucus forming from toxic venue or seasonal environments steam saunas work to clear congestion and reduce inflammation while sitting in the steam sauna.  Relieving this congestion also helps in detoxing the toxins in the lungs and body as well. 

Steam Saunas help to sweat out toxins performers are subject to from the variety of environments they perform in.  Smoke filled rooms, dry conditions, crowded rooms with different perfumes, colognes and toxins given off in the air seep not only thru the airways but the skin.   Steam Saunas aid in relieving all these toxins forcing them up and out of the skin thru the warm temperatures and sweating.

Evolution Health Spa offers the perfect combination for performers to remedy it all.  We offer infused waters with variety of detoxing ingredients to start with the hydrating from the inside.  Then step into one of the 4 Saunas to begin the detoxing sweat sessions and grab a peppermint and eucalyptus infused cold cloth and hit the steam shower to open up the airways and breath in the aroma filled steam to hydrate even more. Too hot?  Hit the cold splash after that and the body will be detoxed, hydrated and ready to hit the stage.