Welcome to Evolution Health Spa!

Where we offer a new era in your health and beauty routine. Our family loves staying healthy and is always looking for natural products and treatments that offer no side effects or risk. We love the relaxation one gets when visiting a spa, that euphoric feeling after a day of relaxing in a tranquil environment.  Not to mention the relaxation and detoxification sauna therapy offers in your spa visit. However, the pricey resort cost and availability of Spa days were more a luxury than most could afford and hours were restricted. We began this business because we believe everyone should feel pampered all of the time, not to mention all the health benefits regular spa sessions offer. In addition, we think everyone should be pampered and feel relaxed any day of the week and as many times as they need it at a cost that works with everyone’s budget.

The outcome, Evolution Health Spa!

A DIY overall sauna therapy and vibration therapy spa that offers all perks of a resort spa in a friendly affordable and extended schedule for all to enjoy. If that isn’t enough, we offer our body scrubs and butters complimentary during your visit. We want everyone who walks thru the door to feel that Euphoric feeling every time they visit us!

We have created an environment that brings the relaxation of the spa combined with new age vibration therapy in one place at a monthly membership cost or affordable daily rate for everyone’s budget! One should not have to schedule a spa day! They should throw some sneakers on grab your bathing suit and come to Evolution Health Spa LLC when they feel the need to be pampered and rejuvenated!